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  1. Vishnu Vinayan “Simply magnificent. I think this is the best platform for all the aspirants to get a good career in acting. They are giving lot of news regarding auditions with exact details. Please check this page daily so that your dream will come true. Try your level best but I am sure they will show you and let you to the right way. Thank you admin for replying withing minutes if I personally messaging you and clearing my doubts. Hope you will give more opportunities” Jan-09-2016[adToAppearHere]
  2. Susan John“Very Useful page. Keep going auditions are here” Jan-16-2016
  3. Kitchu Menon – “This page is excellent and helpful for new comers to find a way to the movie industry” Oct-19-2015
  4. Arun Kumar“Auditions are here is one of the ray of hope for all acting aspirants to reach there destiny” Jan-14-2016
  5. Anandakrishnan Puthiyaveedu“I got selected for Goldcoins and Dumbiriyani. Lot of thanks to AAH. Very useful for newcomers.all best for your new venture and expect more from you” Jan-24-2016
  6. Shansad Moozak“It’s nice buddy. Salute for your thought about a page like this”Jan-20-2016
  7. Moh’d Anas Kt“Good work thanks a lot. No chance man you are the real star rock on. Thank you” Dec-20-2015
  8. Haris Gafoor“Very helpful, you are great. I like forever, God bless you” Aug-24-2015
  9. Adarsh Ravi“Thanks a lot buddy. You are doing a great service. Keep it up” Sep-15-2015
  10. Meesha Madhavan“Extraordinary I love it. I am hoping to join film industry soon” Jan-27-2015
  11. Ivanthan Saranraj“Unmayilaye nalla visayam. Enna mathiri village la irunthu chennailku cinema asaila vanthavangalukku ithu kandippa help a irukkum nu nenaikiren” Jan-10-2015
  12. Binson Thomas“Such a wonderful page having very relevant information’s, thank you Mr/Ms Auditions are here” Jul-17-2015
  13. Aji Thomas – “This page is very useful to all up coming artist. And it gives me all audition news. It gives more chance to enter film industry. I love this page” Sep-04-2014
  14. AR Kiran “Super and thanks a lot auditions are here” Jul-30-2015
  15. Anoop Krishnan “It helps talents to prove their skills and wish there might be new buds in Malayalam or other film industries through this” Jun-13-2015
  16. Reswan Richu“Thanks arh” Dec-12-2015[adToAppearHere]
  17. Anu Robert “This is another way to create a new carrier” Jun-10-2015
  18. Naveed Pallikkara“Excellent work and an helpful page for new comer artist” Dec-25-2014
  19. Amal Raju“Very helpful page for upcoming actors. Like a service to us.Thanks “ARH”. Keep updating. We Are Here Behind you” Jun-11-2015
  20. Suresh Raj“The page is very useful for those who are new comers without film background. All the very best for new comers” Aug-04-2014
  21. Jithu Alex“Very useful group” May-17-2015
  22. Pranat Chaudhary“I really like this page” Sep-30-2014
  23. Nitin Thomas“Its very useful page, thanks a lot “arh” keep going all the very best” May-25-2014
  24. Neenu Paul – “Thank you so much auditions are here. Its really very helpful for new talents for getting connection with film industry. A big salute for this idea” Jan-29-2016
  25. Cyrin Cherian “This is really a exciting page for aspiring and upcoming artists. Thanks and keep up the good work team Audions are Here” Sep-04-2015
  26. Azad Basheer Muhammed“It is a new opening for all waiting for a movie and full fill their ambitions” Jan-12-2016
  27. Pradeep Kumar Jadhav“Work in progress. Go to go and close to my destination” Oct-13-2015
  28. Jobin Thomas – “Its great to associate nice” Jul-13-2015
  29. Firos Calicut“An opened window to the Big screen” Sep-11-2014
  30. Shiji Mathur “Very useful” Nov-19-2015
  31. Jayasankar Ramaswamy – “To that unknown friend in North Paravur, I happened to see the Casting Call in Auditions are here page and fortunately I had a chance to meet the director of that film. I told him about the news appeared in Auditions are here page and after gazing at me for a minute he took my phone number. Within two days I got an invitation to act in that movie. It was an ever memorable fifteen days of my life. The movie preview is scheduled for this weekend (In between I acted in another movie by the same director) I hope my dear unknown friend that you will be wandering around the place where the preview will be held. Keep doing these kinds of help to aspiring actors like us dear friend. With lots of thanks and love” Nov-24-2015
  32. Sivasudheesh Natarajan – “Hi all, I got a chance in a short film, director is Bijoy Lona. Today started the shoot and I am doing a character of bank manager. Thanks arh. This page is very helpful for us as new comers in the field.” Feb-07-2016
  33. Jas Leem Raa Zaa – “One of the awesome platform for the young acting aspirants to reach their goal.And also they deserve admiration for their excellent services and information regarding acting.” Feb-17-2016
  34. Prashanth Siripuram – “Thanks alot for this great opportunity sir I really very happy.” Feb-18-2016
  35. Ajith Krish – “Hello sir, I want any role acting chance. Thank you” April-15-2016
  36. Jayalal Viswanath – “Very Helpful to people who are searching for space career in acting…..!!!!” Jun-10-2016
  37. Vivek M V – “I’m waiting for my turn” Jun-10-2016
  38. Praveen Pareswar Avani – “Good & best wishes !!!” Jun-24-2016
  39. Sathanya Narayana Moorthy – “Awesome for begining in challenging career. Hope to get a chance at the earliest” July-07-2016
  40. Sabah YoosufAli – “Crazy about Acting ?! Then this is your door!! Today I had an audition for the movie “Ummachykutty Pranayam” at Kasargode. It was a wonderful experience and the people i met there made my day. ARH is the page, just go for it peeps!! You will be much more than barking down a big wall with ARH!!!” July-10-2016
  41. Rijin Sree Nandhanam – “No scope but make it frnds. Its my experience the field” July-18-2016
  42. Sandhya Subramaniam – “Hi guys, Happy news. I happened to apply for an audition ad here on this page, but instead got a good opportunity to act in a TV ad for Dhanam Magazine ……A very big thank you to this page which is a great platform for ample opportunities” July-31-2016
  43. Sita Lekshmi – “There was a time when talent was not the mere criteria for auditions. Mainly they asked for money and other adjustments. 90%were just to earn money and other pleasures. I think ARH has given strict warnings against this and many are aware of these pranks. Now a days audition scenario has changed and mostly they are free. Thanks to ARH for giving such awareness. Also thank them for updating us with new casting calls.” July-31-2016 [adToAppearHere]
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